Utica Community Schools Collective Bargaining Agreement

The union and the school district met several times in early November to develop an agreement. Parkinson told the Sentry that their negotiating team did not think the last discussions ended well. In a statement, she said she wanted negotiations in good faith with the municipality. UTICA/SHELBY TOWNSHIP/STERLING HEIGHTS – The Utica Education Association, a union representing teachers in the utica Community Schools district, recently called for a labour commission amid ongoing collective bargaining. Utica Education Association supporters of the teachers` union hold signs at a Utica Community Schools Board meeting in 2019, when teachers and the district did not have a contractual agreement in place. On May 11, the school board approved a three-year contract between the parties. On December 9, the school board approved a three-year contract with the Utica Paraprofessional Association, a member of the Michigan Education Association. « There are times when an objective third party is able to help all parties find common ground, » Johns said. « The key is an agreement that is responsible for fiscal policy and financially realistic. » Superintendent Christine Johns said in a statement Monday that the district remains committed to reaching a cooperation agreement with the union.

The union accuses the UCS negotiating team of « committing certain acts of bad faith » and of « sending representatives to the negotiating table without the real power to negotiate or reach an agreement. » Parkinson said that the submission of such a work tax is relatively common in controversial negotiations. According to the union, labour negotiations on a new agreement began in March; However, the last contract expired at the end of June. No new agreement has yet been reached. « This is a very serious step for us, which is derived from our frustration in our relationship with a UCS negotiating team that does not appear to have the authority of the Superintendent of Schools to actually negotiate, » she said. The 1,471-member Utica teachers` union has been in negotiations since March. The collective agreement expired on June 30. She wants a three-year contract. « I think it`s just aggressive towards us.

Our community is suffering right now and my teachers needed an increase, and that`s not a shame, » she said. I feel like they are trying to make us a bad guy. … This will be my first increase in 10 years. Learn more about utica Community Schools by visiting www.uticak12.org. For the Utica Education Association, visit www.ueaonline.org. « We will continue to negotiate in good faith and work with our union leadership on a succession agreement. » In addition, the contract increases the rate of remuneration of teachers for work or additional work outside the contract, such as special training. B, school officials said.