What If I Don`t Have A Rental Agreement

Yes, a landlord can evict you if there is no lease. If there is no written lease, you may have a verbal agreement based on an oral agreement with the landlord. This oral agreement and its terms are valid and applicable if the duration of the tenancy is one year or less. If there is no rental agreement, either in writing or orally, a landlord can still dislodge you. This is due to the fact that the absence of a lease means that you are in a lease agreement of one month to a month at your leisure and that you have to pay the rental on a monthly basis, or more often if you have a corresponding agreement. However, an owner should generally indicate the termination period. « Evicting you » means that you initiate deportation proceedings if you do not respond to the notification. A landlord cannot legally dislodge you without a court order, whether or not you have a rental agreement.) Josh: Yes. It`s not always a good idea for people to rent space without agreement from you, but I know it happens too. I mean, it can happen in roommate situations, maybe if you want to do something more formal, or in places where you have a mother-in-law unit or something. Basically, if you have someone who lives there without a lease, they are actually leasing from month to month.

So you can definitely… And if you`re in that situation, I`d certainly encourage it, you can certainly go to them and say, « Hey, you know, I think it`s time to formalize our relationship, and I want you to sign that lease. » And of course, this lease will have many more terms than your month-to-month oral lease that you have, and it may include a rent increase, but, I mean, basically, it`s the same as any monthly rent. You can come in and ask them to accept new terms, you can ask them to accept a new rent, but it is also one of those situations where it will be a much more productive discussion and a discussion that will be much better taken if you do it personally, instead of sending them some kind of cold. informal communication from the sky. So you can certainly have cold and formal rent, I would certainly encourage you to have it, but it`s a completely different ball game if you pass that on to them by doing a personal meeting, giving them, offering to talk, explaining why you think it`s important to have something that`s actually documented. And it may even be more protective for them, because you might want to give them a three-month lease, a six-month lease or a one-year lease, which may even give them a little more comfort there. But, it is absolutely something you can and should do in such a situation.