We Await Your Agreement Meaning

2. The manager is now busy, so you …… (wait/wait/wait) While « waiting » is acceptable, « waiting » is not because « waiting » means « waiting. » The writing of « waiting for » would be superfluous. Note that waiting does not take the preposition « for. » I loved meeting your representatives. I`m waiting for your answer. 4. The bill is …… Approval by Parliament. (wait/wait) The difference is only stylistic and depends on the register (i.e. formalities). Note that you never wait; await works on its own without preposition. The verbs to be maintained and maintained have the same meaning (i.e.

staying in a place or delaying an action until a given time or event). However, there are some differences in grammar and use. Use of waiting: The verb of waiting is more common, especially in informal settings and language. The wait is followed by an adverbiale particle in front of an object. Example 1: I am waiting for Mr. Sands to respond to my call. Example 2: they have been waiting for the bus for half an hour. Example 3: Wait here! I`ll be back in five minutes.

Use of awaiting: The verb of waiting is often used in formal, written contexts, especially at the end of business correspondence. This means the same thing as waiting, but we use waiting -direct object (without the word for). Example 4: Thank you for receiving me yesterday morning. As far as our conversation is concerned, I am waiting for your response. Example 5: We hope you find our products for your needs. Wait for your answer. Faithful, Lianna Randolph Observe the difference: (False) I wait for Mr. Sands to answer me. (Exact) I am waiting for Mr Sands to respond (rightly), I am waiting for Mr Sands` response. (False) I`m waiting for your call.

(Exact) I`m waiting for your call. (Exact) I`m waiting for your call. has an equivalent meaning of « waiting, » but perhaps more formal or outdated. is more up-register version, so it is probably used in more polite or formal situations: We await your response. Waiting and waiting verbs have similar meanings, but they are used in different grammatical structures. 3. I have …… a bus for two hours. (Waiting/Waiting) See the full definition of waiting in the English Language Learners Dictionary Britannica English: Translation of await for Arabic Speakers The object of waiting time is usually one thing. He is not a person.

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