Voluntary Conservation Agreement Queensland

The country for wildlife criteria (also required for a voluntary conservation agreement) You do not have to choose between productivity and conservation, because a nature protection agreement can be negotiated to allow further use of the country, which leads to environmental and economic sustainability. The Council has approximately 700 agreements to protect more than 2,000 hectares of our main bush and wetland areas. Since 1996, they have negotiated contracts with landowners in Brisbane. There are a number of ways for private homeowners to protect their country`s natural values. For long-term conservation goals, Queensland has two programs for landowners to place environmental protection on their land on a sustainable scale. The first is the Nature Refuge Program, which allows simultaneous uses while protecting the environmental values of a property. The second is the Special Nature Reserve, which provides protection at the national park level. In general, the nature reserve program targets appropriate land and works with landowners who have a mutual interest in conservation. To determine whether a protected area can be considered a nature reserve, the ministry assesses the country`s biodiversity values as part of the conservation objectives and priorities of the nature reserve. This assessment takes into account the importance of the natural refuge`s potential at the land, landscape and strategic level. Potential natural resources are those that: Bushcare offers parishioners the opportunity to participate in practical conservation and restoration activities.

The Council offers, as part of an agreement, the following services: a voluntary conservation pact is the highest level of protection that the Council can offer private landowners for the long-term conservation of their land. This is a legal agreement with the Council, which is registered on the title to the property. It is authorized in the long term under the Land Securities Act. It is also binding on later owners. The agreement offers all the benefits of Land for Wildlife as well as annual cash assistance. A VCA is a contract between a private owner and the Council and provides permanent protection for all or part of your property. It`s entirely voluntary. The protected area agreed upon on the land is listed on the title of the land as a Federal Reserve and/or Nature Reserve and, under the Noosa Plan, as zone protection and nature protection. This name remains on the title when the property changes ownership. Access to subsidies and subsidies: real estate with conservation pacts is generally more likely to attract public funds and subsidies. The VCA program encourages partnerships through an agreement between a landowner and a council to preserve the country`s natural values. As a landowner, a VCA helps you preserve your country`s natural values without infringing your property rights.

Like the conservation agreements, nature protection agreements are binding agreements negotiated between the owner and the state. The agreement provides the framework for protecting the country`s conservation values. Conservation agreements exist in the long term and bind all future landowners to their terms. They can only be revoked by a resolution of the Legislative Assembly of Parliament.