Vandevelde A Brief History Of International Investment Agreements

Keywords: international trade, international investment, international investment, international investment agreements, international investment agreements, bilateral investment agreements One of the most remarkable phenomena in international law over the past 15 years has been the extraordinary increase in agreements to protect or liberalise foreign investment. There are now more than 2,500 such agreements, the vast majority of which have been concluded since 1990. This figure includes nearly 2,400 bilateral investment agreements (ILOs) and more than 200 trade agreements that contain investment provisions. Although the number of agreements has accelerated considerably in recent years, international investment agreements have a long history. The provisions on the protection of property abroad are included in the international agreements of the late 18th century. Keywords: foreign investment, trade agreements, investment treaties, colonial times, post-colonial era, global era This essay traces the history of these international investment agreements. She notes that history so far has three distinct epochs. The first, the colonial period, began at the end of the 18th century and lasted until the end of World War II. The second, the postcolonial era, began with the end of the war and lasted until 1990, with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The third, the world era, began around 1990 and continues to this day. The following year, Professor Vandevelde published his first book, The Investment Treaties of the United States: Politics and Practices.

Since then, he has written three other books on international business law: BilateralInvestment Treaties: History, Policy and Interpretation, U.S. International Investment Agreements and The First Bilateral Investment Treaty: U.S. Postwar Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Treatys, all published by Oxford University Press. He has given a presentation on international investment law in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and the Caribbean and has served as an advisor for international law in Japan, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Republic of Georgia, the United Nations and the U.S. Senate. He also wrote about the legal argument. His book Thinking Like a Lawyer was released in 1996 and was later translated into Portuguese. A second edition of the book was published in 2011. In 2013, he wrote A History of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

In 2014, while on leave from the Law School, he returned to Washington to work in the Obama White House as a political analyst. Fun Fact: Professor Vandevelde and his daughter drove together in three different years on a 100-mile bike ride through Death Valley to raise money to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. They raised a total of about $30,000. International Political Economy: Trade Policy eJournal Economic Crises and national security exception, Conference on Global Governance, Oxford University, Oxford, England (28 June 2012) Investment Arbitration in the BITs and ECT, in The Energy Charter Treaty (Cambridge: Kluwer Law International, 1996) A History of Prima Facie Tort: The Origins of a Theory General of Beal Tort, 19 Hofstra L. Rev. 447 (1990) International Regulation of Fluorcarbons 2 Harv. Envtl L. Rev. 474 (1978) Thinking Like a Lawyer: An Introduction to Legal Reasoning (Westview Press, 2nd ed., 2011) Sustainable Liberalism and the International Investment Regime, 19 Mich.

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