Un Agreements

(a) assistance and cooperation agreements of limited scope in financial, commercial, administrative or technical matters; 4. The secretariat covers international contracts and conventions thus registered in a register established for this purpose. The General Assembly, 3. The texts of registered treaties or international conventions as well as declarations of certification remain in the custody of the secretariat. The provisions of Articles 2, 5 and 8 of these regulations apply mutatis mutandis to all international treaties and conventions submitted and covered in accordance with Article 10 of these regulations. The recording numbers of the instruments contained in the UNTS consist of a Roman number and an Arabic number connected by a cone (I:54321; II:965). The Roman numeral refers to international treaties and conventions registered with the Secretariat; The Roman numeral II indicates the international treaties and conventions presented and registered by the Secretariat. The Arabic number indicates the serial number assigned to the instrument in categories I and II. 3. In deciding whether a treaty or international agreement belonging to any of the categories covered in paragraph 2 should be published in Extenso, the secretariat takes due account, among other things, of the practical value that could result from the publication of Extenso.

International contracts and conventions that the Secretariat does not wish to publish in full are included as such in the register, a decision not to publish can be overturned at any time. The UN treaty collection website provides access to a wealth of information on international agreements, treaties and conventions. 4. In the case of multilateral treaties or agreements, the declaration of certification is in addition to the information described in paragraph 3 of this article: the United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS) is a publication established by the Secretariat of the United Nations, which contains all international treaties and conventions registered or registered by the Secretariat in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter since 1945. Until now only available on paper, UNTS is now available as a fully accessible online database. To search for a specific contract or group of contracts, use the Advanced Search tool. 2. The compliant certified copy reproduces the text in all languages in which the international treaty or agreement was concluded, including all annexes or annexes that are an integral part of the treaty or international agreement. In the case of multilateral contracts or agreements, it also contains the text of all reservations or statements issued or confirmed by the parties at the time of the filing of their approval agreements in all the languages in which such reservations or statements were made.